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LinkedIn Marketing

Since all our 60 million contact records have a LinkedIn profile url we can take the same email list of ideal customer profiles combined with Bombora intent data to help identify prospects most like to respond to your LinkedIn connection request. We then help you develop connection campaigns with a series of LinkedIn messages designed to generate a response. Your salesperson only has to monitor his or her LinkedIn account for responses, book meetings, identify opportunities and close deals.

We offer three types of LinkedIn programs: Self Serve, Managed and Managed Intent

Self Serve

We provide the technology that will allow you to target ideal prospects on LinkedIn. We train you on our software on how to target your ideal prospects, create campaigns and write messages designed to generate responses and leads

Cost $495 a month


Provide SLA with your ideal customer profile and we target matching contacts on LinkedIn and our database, then work with you to write the perfect connection request, on-going messages and manage your campaigns for you. 

Cost $1250 a month

Managed Intent

We do everything in the Self Serve and Managed program plus we include access to intent data to identify ideal contacts on LinkedIn consuming content related to your products and services today. You must be on a managed program or above in order to use our intent data. 

Cost $1995 a month

All Managed LinkedIn programs have a one-time setup fee of $495

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